Client POV: Travelling to Cancun During COVID

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One of our clients recently travelled to Cancun, Mexico and kindly shared her experience below. Keep reading to see how it's like travelling as a Canadian during COVID.

I recently travelled travel to Cancun November 16th, 2020.

I flew with Air Canada from terminal 1 Pearson.

Immediately I noticed less people within the terminal now due to the fact that only travelling passengers are welcome inside. Not only did I appreciate less volume of people, but immediately, it felt calmer. 


There were large signs on the sliding doorways regarding the mandatory masks and only certain entrances were available.  

As my duration is five weeks, I was travelling with an extra suitcase and found luggage carts outside the terminal building to use. I wiped down the handle with my disinfectant wipes, which I kept handy in my personal carry-on.

I noticed two air cleaning stations on my way to the AC check in kiosks, as well as several hand sanitizer stations. My boarding passes and luggage tags were printed here. There was one additional set of COVID screening questions.


There were ample staff to guiding us through this step and I had one personnel actually guide me through the automated luggage check in station. All went smoothly!

There was an automated temperature check station at this point. You just stand on the designated spot and look at a camera type device, which takes your temperature.

Clearing customs was a very simple process. Again, everyone appeared calm. All shoes remained on. All the other normal protocols remained the same.

All lounge areas had social distancing markers and only every other seat was available. All the food kiosks and duty-free stores were open with lots of hand sanitizer and the plexiglass barriers. It was business as usual!  


Boarding of the aircraft also was organized and seamless.

I was surprised at the number of people on our flight. It was about 3/4 full.

Everyone was masked up for the entire flight both the crew and passengers. It literally was the first flight I have travelled on where there was no outbreaks of coughing, sneezing nor obviously under the weather travellers, which was very comforting as well. 

I travelled in the regular (non-business) class. They announced that regular meal service there would be a modified option which consisted of a sealed plastic bag which contains a very small bottle of water, mini hand sanitizer, a couple of individual disinfectant wipes and a bag of pretzels. I like the fact there was minimal contact.

Flight attendants came by a couple of times throughout the flight to pick up any garbage.

There was no duty-free service on board.

Once we landed in Cancun, again, I noticed immediately that everyone was masked with hand sanitizer stations, signs, and floor decal reminders about their 5-feet (not 6-feet like in Canada) physical distance protocols.

Once outside the terminal, all ground transfers, and taxi drivers were wearing masks.  

The TAO Akumal condo complex I stay also has all security, maintenance and cleaning staff masked up, as well as some of the owners and guests as I walk through the hallways and common areas. There’s ample spaced-out seating around the pools where no masks are required. I went to a large grocery store enroute to TAO. Everyone was giving hand sanitizer and also a temperature check before entering.

I do not have a vehicle out here. I have only been to one restaurant so far, which is within walking distance at the golf course clubhouse and signage for mask wearing as well as hand sanitizer was provided. Like most restaurants in Canada now, I scanned the QR code to review the menu. I love this new feature! 

Unfortunately, due to low numbers of travellers, the three main Gran Bahia Principe Resorts are closed with the exception of the Premier section of the (Bahia Principe) Tulum Resort. The beaches, however, all remain open. I plan on walking down to one of our favourite beach grills later on my stay.

Based on my experience, I highly recommend travel during this time for those who can work around the two-week isolation period when returning to Canada.

Thank you to our client for sharing her travel experience. Questions about travelling right now? Contact us!