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"Super friendly, knowledgeable and full of contacts, MyWeddingAway.com are masters of the destination wedding!"

- Jeff and Veronica

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Who are we? About MyWeddingAway.com

Wondering About MyWeddingAway.com? Originally launched in 2009, MyWeddingAway.com is the ultimate “one-stop-shop” connecting brides and grooms with Hotels, Resorts, and tropical wedding venues. We are reputed to be one of the foremost Destination Wedding and Honeymoon websites; MyWeddingAway.com contains top four and five-star hotels and resorts throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and beyond, catering to brides and grooms looking for a hassle-free wedding in luxurious exotic locations. Featuring properties that offer the professional services of on-site wedding planners and a variety of options, from barefoot on the beach to formal garden ceremonies to satisfy a wide range of budgets and guest lists. We are not only a website and information source, we are a full fledged travel agency that works almost exclusively (past clients ask us to book their regular travel – we can’t say no) and specializes in Destination Weddings.

Our Agents, total over 50 years experience in the travel industry are also experienced wedding coordinators and at least one has visited all of the locations on our site. They are well known and respected within the industry.

  • Our MWA Promise - hands on personal service
  • Dedicated Agent – One Agent working with you from start to finish.

MyWeddingAway.com books the wedding date, time and reception location on your behalf. We also walk you through each venue’s wedding package so you can make a more informed content and financial decision for your big day. Saving you stress and potentially saving money by understanding exactly what commitments you are making.

Your guests will not be asked to simply fill out a booking form; we prefer the hands-on approach and will be in contact with each of them to make sure they’re satisfied with their arrangements. Your guests are as important to us, as they are to you and we take care of each and every one of them. Our extensive experience means we can explain all the custom pitfalls and guide them through without a hitch.

MyWeddingAway.com won’t pass you off to multiple agents. When you book and work with a member of our team, it’s extremely important to us. Should an emergency arise, our team always has backup, but your dedicated Agent is your DWPB (Destination Wedding Planning Buddy) from contract to return transfers.
We have a contract for you to work with us. It makes us different but it’s there to protect us both. It protects and educates you about working with a destination wedding travel agent and outlines what is included and details the services we offer. With a contract between us, you can feel confident in booking and knowing exactly what you’re going to get.