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  • Introduction
  • Legal Wedding Requirements

Getting married in CUBA?

The Caribbean Island of CUBA with its sugar white sand beaches, colonial history and rich culture make it one of the most interesting places to host a Destination Wedding. But what makes Cuba so very special is its people, everyone returns from Cuba with stories of excellent service and friendliness beyond compare. If you’re looking for an amazing destination with more than just beautiful beaches Cuba is for you.

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Top three reasons for a CUBA Destination Wedding
  • Legal wedding requirements in CUBA, it’s easy to get married in CUBA, please see our Legal Requirements page for more information.
  • Value, Cuba offers the most competitive pricing for all-inclusive holiday packages throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America.
  • Wedding Packages in Cuba are some of the most extensive and offer many inclusions that other destination properties charge extra for.

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Fast Facts

CUBA entry requirements

Canadians require a passport to visit CUBA, valid for at least 1 month beyond expected departure date from CUBA.

Tourist visa is required

Policy is subject to change and is traveler’s responsibility to check for most up to date requirements.

Hotel Check In and Out in CUBA

Hotels check time is usually 3:00pm

Hotel check out time is usually 11:00am

Banking hours in CUBA

Monday – Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm

Currency in CUBA

CUC is the locally currency to be used by tourists

Canadian currency may be exchanged at the airport or at your hotel

US dollars are not accepted in Cuba

Credit Cards accepted in CUBA

VISA, MasterCard are the only credit cards accepted

Language in CUBA

Official language in CUBA is Spanish

Tipping in CUBA

Tipping is at your own discretion. Ask for smaller bills when you exchange money

Sightseeing in CUBA



Snorkeling tours

Jeep Safari

Buena Vista Social Cuba

Tropicana Sunset Cruise

Music and history

Drinking Water in CUBA

Bottled water is recommended

Electricity CUBA

Most hotels operate on a 220 V, you will require an adapter

Cuba Embassy:

Cuba Tourist Board:

Formalization of the marriage between foreign nationals as part of a tourist offer:

  1. Single contracting parties are only required to present their identification document and visa authorizing their presence in the national territory.
  2. In the event that one or both contracting parties were previously married, a marriage terminated regardless of the cause, the contracting party in this case shall accredit his/her legal status by presenting the following documents after prior legalization by the competent authorities in his/her country of origin:

    2.1 If one of the contracting parties is divorced:

    • A birth or marriage certificate with a note indicating the dissolution of all marital ties entered under observations.
    • Certification of the note of termination of all marital ties for inclusion in the birth certificate or marriage certificate.
    • Marriage certificate legally acknowledging that the contracting parties were alive at the moment of the recognizance.
    • Copy of the notarized divorce writ.
    • Certified copy of the decree of divorce or divorce certificate.
    • Divorce decree or any other document issued by the foreign authorities, translated into Spanish and legalized by the Cuban consul or by a duly authorized consular functionary in the country where the document or copy was issued or a copy of the official registration of said documents

    2.2 If you are a widow(er):

    • Marriage certificate and death certificate of the late spouse.
    • Copy of the official recognizance of the marriage, indicating its validly in the event that one of the spouses had already passed away at the moment of said recognizance.

    2.3 If the previous marriage was annulled, the contracting party shall present an accrediting document of said annulment.

  3. In the case of a minor, the latter is required to present the relevant authorization for the formalization of the marriage, in keeping with his/her legal status.
  4. All the documents must be translated into Spanish and duly legalized at the Cuban Consulate of the country where said documents were issued.
Renewal of marriage vows between foreign nationals as part of a tourist offers:
  1. For authorization by a notary of the Record of Presence, the contracting parties are only required to present their identification document (passport) and visa authorizing the entry of said national into the national territory (visa number, date of entry and date of departure).
  2. Information related to the marriage shall be stated by the appearing parties (date and place of the marriage).

Information is subject to change