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Love Thailand: Bangkok

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Whenever we speak to couples about possible destinations for their honeymoon, there’s always one place I recommend that raises eyebrows that is constantly followed by a curious smile - Thailand. 

Most couples in Canada dream of the Caribbean or French Polynesia for their honeymoon, but the majority almost never consider Thailand due to distance, the perception that it’ll be expensive, and overall lack of information. All reasons are valid, but some may not necessarily be true, especially with regards to cost.

That’s why, we’re doing this short blog series to cover three of MyWeddingAway.com’s favourite destinations in Thailand - Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket - to highlight some of the experiences that couples can have together for the perfect honeymoon. 

Let’s start with Bangkok.

If you’re coming from Canada, chances are, you’re most likely flying to Bangkok. There are no direct flights from Canada, so yes, the journey will be long, but we like to think of your travel time as the perfect opportunity to sleep, watch movies, read a book, and rest as you prepare for the excitement of exploring a new place together.

Bangkok can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time, but we mean that in a good way. Your senses will be on overdrive with the sights of glittering temples contrasted by the backdrop of towering skyscrapers, the sounds of cars, people, and also undisturbed silence in sacred places, the smell of unique flavours that will make your stomach protest with hunger even after having a large breakfast, the unforgettable taste of traditional and modern dishes with a balance of sweet, sour, spicy, salty, and bitter, and the touch of unique textures from the smoothness of Thai silk to the soothing hands that sends you to a state of tranquility during a Thai massage. All of this (and more) are the reasons why you will both fall in love with Bangkok.

Here are three recommendations that we recommend for a great start to your honeymoon.

Temple Hopping

As soon as you land in Bangkok, you’ll come to realize early on that it’s a city of both old and new. There are modern skyscrapers, malls, and restaurants dotted all over the city, but there are also glittering ancient temples everywhere. Some of the must-visit temples (especially for insta-worthy photos) are: Wat Pho (the Temple of the Reclining Buddha), Wat Arun (right by the Chao Phraya River), and the Grand Palace (home to the sacred Emerald Buddha). Our recommendation is to get there early and make sure to dress appropriately - which means covering your knees and shoulders.

Michelin-Starred Dinner

Bangkok is home to 26 one and two-starred Michelin restaurants which range from a low to high price range. Whether you decide to go for the fanciest restaurant or the simplest, you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable dining experience. We recommend visiting Thailand’s Michelin Guide and making reservations ahead of time to make sure you get a table.

Shop ‘Til You drop

Bring an extra suitcase because there's plenty of shopping available in Bangkok, ranging from local markets to luxury shopping malls. Even if you’re not much of a shopper, you’ll be tempted by the local arts and craftsmanship that you’re guaranteed not to get anywhere else. Our suggestion? If you see it and you like it, get it because you might not have the opportunity to find it again!

There’s so much more to do in Bangkok, but this is just a quick snapshot to give you an idea of what you can experience together. If you want to learn more, book a free consultation with us, so we can give you more information about Thailand and work with your budget!

Stay tuned for our next blog post of the Thailand series where we head to the North of Thailand and explore Chiang Mai!