Date Night Ideas: Inspiration from Around the World

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Although restrictions are beginning to lift in Canada and we can now safely resume dining out in most regions and provinces, there are still travel restrictions in place, which means that many of us are still trying to find creative ways to cure our wanderlust. 

Couples, in particular, have had to cancel romantic vacations and honeymoons, which could have been really stressful and definitely sad because let’s face it, no one likes cancelling or postponing vacation. With that in mind, we decided to come up with 3 date night ideas inspired by some of our favourite destinations around the world! This won’t replace your vacation or honeymoon, but we hope it gives you inspiration and ideas for date nights while we wait to travel safely again!


It’s no secret that loves Thailand. We always mention this magical destination and for good reason - it’s one of the most romantic places we’ve ever been to! For a Thai-inspired date night, consider making some delicious Thai food, like pad Thai or green curry with chicken. We have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like Thai food and we guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun cooking together. You can also try watching movies that were filmed in Thailand while you enjoy your dinner together. Some of our favourites include the Hangover II and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. You’ll definitely get a good laugh while watching these movies and you’ll also get a feel for this vibrant and diverse destination. 



Dominican Republic

Looking for a fun and upbeat night-in? How about a romantic merengue party for two? Merengue is a style of Dominican music and dance which showcases the DR’s lively and dynamic culture! Set the mood with coconut inspired beverages and cocktails - one of the DR’s main exports and the reason why they call Punta Cana the ‘Coconut Coast’! You can also change the ambiance of your living room or backyard by decorating it with string lights and tropical fruits and plants. As soon as you turn on the music, you’ll be transported to this warm Caribbean coast and create a memorable date night together! Here’s a quick merengue tutorial for your dance party for two:



Taco night is undoubtedly one of the best dinner ideas ever. Making tacos is not only easy and simple, but it’s also fun to assemble with friends and family. In this case, you guessed it - we’re suggesting a taco-making date night idea at home. You can either order a taco kit from one of your famous Mexican restaurants (yes, they have that now) or we suggest making everything from scratch at home. All you have to do is turn on some Mexican music, whip up some margaritas and let the taco making begin! We found this playlist on Spotify that fits this date night perfectly.

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