Top 3 Wellness Experiences for Couples

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Recharge, relax, and unwind – together! 

While long walks on the beach and dreamy sunset dinners are still the iconic ways to spend your honeymoon or romantic getaways, we also encourage our clients to add some wellness experiences in their itinerary. Not only are they good for you, but they are a great way to have fun, try something new, and stay balanced during your vacation – and more romantic than you think!

There are so many wellness experiences to try nowadays, but we are highlighting three wellness experiences and destinations that we and our clients have loved and are excited to try when we can all safely travel again!

Thai Massages in Thailand

Thailand is an incredibly diverse destination. There are so many experiences to try – wellness included – that as soon as visitors return home, they are instantly dreaming of the day that they can come back to Thailand. While wellness experiences, such as yoga, healthy Thai cooking classes, luxury spas at affordable prices, and more are all worth experiencing in Thailand, one thing you cannot miss is a Thai massage. 

Thai massages are unique because it is an ancient technique that uses yoga-like stretches or positions and acupressure to help with muscle soreness and stress release. You can get a Thai massage almost anywhere in Thailand and it is normal for visitors to go more than once during their trip because of how amazing and relaxed Thai massages make you feel. We guarantee that you and your partner will feel rejuvenated and zen after your massage.

Thai Massage

Iberostar’s Aliveness 

‘Aliveness’ at Iberostar reminds us to take care of ourselves, nature and the environment. These three pillars make up the foundation of how it feels to awaken your senses, move, and discover wellness at Iberostar properties. 

There are many ways to stay active at Iberostar resorts, including yoga, running, cycling, hiking, and endless water activities, which are all done with mutual respect for the environment. Whether it is feeling the sand beneath your feet during yoga at the beach, cycling or running alongside palm trees and dense tropical plants, or swimming in clear turquoise waters, each activity aims to connect you with each other as well as nature.

Iberostar also knows how to eat well and live well with their responsibly sourced food and local produce, so you can feel confident that what you are eating and putting in your body is fresh and sustainable.

Photo Courtesy of Iberostar

Dominican Tree House Village

Disconnect to connect at Dominican Tree House Village in El Valle, Dominican Republic. Unplug and experience nature at its finest in your very own tropical tree house with scenic views of a lush jungle.

While the main highlight of your trip will likely be your tree house villa, there are also many wellness activities to try while you are here, including hiking, biking, snorkelling, and of course, yoga. Imagine starting your day with a morning yoga session surrounded by a dense tropical forest and the sounds of nature. Sounds like a perfect way to relax your mind, body, and spirit.

The Dominican Tree House Village also believes in sustainable consumption and only serves local, fresh, and organic food so that every dining experience is also a wellness experience. Other activities you can try are ziplining, horseback riding, and a massage at their spa.


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