15 Fun Bridal Shower Themes to Take Your Party Up a Notch

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Why is it the best bridal showers seem to go beyond small talk, finger sandwiches and a drawn-out gift exchange? Because a great shower speaks to the bride's personality and gets everyone moving, talking and laughing. These creative bridal shower ideas and party themes are foolproof favorites because they do just that—and there's one for every type of bride.

1. Wine Tasting Bridal Shower

This is perfect for the bride who likes to sip (duh), and works great with medium to smaller parties. Have a wine expert or sommelier teach the group how to taste and pair wines at home, a wine bar, restaurant or vineyard/winery. To make the event extra personal, choose a theme for the wine: Try all vintages from the year the couple started dating or wines from wherever the couple is going on their honeymoon. But maybe skip this theme if you have underage guests (like the bride's 17-year-old sister), pregnant wedding party members or nondrinkers so no one feels left out.

2. Cooking Class Bridal Shower

This theme is recommended for any to-be-wed who considers herself a foodie or wants to get more comfortable in the kitchen. It's also awesome for a coed couples shower. Bring your party to a cooking class or hire a chef to show you the ropes at home (just make sure you have enough space and equipment). See if any restaurants near you offer cooking classes or chefs that make house calls.  Read More...


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