Common Mistakes People Make When Booking Their Destination Wedding

Karen Lantigua |

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Envisioning the day you say ‘I do’ in a distant tropical location is romantic and exciting. However, while you dream about your destination wedding, you may fail to plan appropriately for all your needs and those of your guests. If you are not aware of the options available at the location of your wedding, you may be in for an avalanche of errors and miscalculations.

However, with the assistance of an experienced destination wedding planner, you can skip the mistakes and book the destination you desire with the best reception halls, wedding scenes, and hotels around. These specialized wedding planners understand your needs and know what is required (regarding permissions, deposits, and bookings) to fulfill your requests.

To help you avoid some basic mistakes and mishaps before getting married far away from home, the destination wedding experts at have put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when booking their destination wedding.

1. Thinking you can do it all on your own. Your wedding day is the most important day in your life and planning this occasion can take a lot out of you, so it’s best to leave the preparations to the professionals. It will be a big mistake if you think you can manage everything on your own for a destination wedding. At best, you may get the same quote, but you wouldn’t have the benefit of organized services from a professional.

2. Not working with a professional. Hosting a destination wedding is a specialized affair, which needs a professional. A travel agent may help with group travel bookings, but choosing them over a professional destination wedding planner would be a mistake. We have helped many couples who made group travel bookings with travel agents that do not specialize in destination weddings. Moreover, it was only after the bookings were made that they found out that there were no available wedding days at their preferred location, and the reception location was also not available at the resort they chose.

3. Not making a group booking. A huge mistake is not making a group booking! When you are planning a destination wedding, you want to make sure that all your guests will be there and the hotel will be available. At times, people see a sell-off price for a flight or a hotel at their destination and keep waiting thinking that they will get the same price for all their guests. They don’t realize that sell-off rates are for left-over inventory. They aren’t for forty seats and twenty rooms you need.

Not to mention, many hotel names are often similar, and dates can easily get mixed up, which may cause your guests to make an error while making their bookings. Also, any of the booking perks like complementary passengers, free seat selection, future travel vouchers or credits will not be offered when booking later. We will always advise our clients to book early and save themselves all the trouble, which can happen at the last moment.

4. Choosing a planner by price only. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes for not only finding you the perfect destination wedding location, but also managing all the details, flights, guest requests, legal entry requirements, and relationships with you and your guests. You want to have the best person possible to work for you and take care of everything even when things go wrong. You would be doing yourself a disservice if you merely go by price and find a cheap wedding planner. We have years of experience, and we will never let you down while managing your needs and planning your destination wedding.

5. Choosing the cheapest option for your guests. We understand that you are trying to save your guests’ money. However, the cheapest option is not always the best because ultimately you get what you pay for. When we have a consultation with a new couple, we ask many questions to offer only the best value destination that meets their criteria. You ultimately are the one making the final decision of where your guests are spending their hard earned dollars and vacation time. More often than not the difference between just an okay experience and an excellent time is not thousands of dollars, so choose a good product for them and have happy guests and a memorable time with everyone.

For a struggle-free destination wedding, reach out to the experts at We are specialized destination wedding planners in Ontario, Canada. If you’re looking for a seamless wedding across the borders but have no idea where to start, we can help you understand how things work, plan your budget, and get started on the details that will make your celebration of love an extraordinary one.

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