Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Destination Wedding Planner

Karen Lantigua |

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Weddings offer a once in lifetime opportunity to create cherished memories not just for the couple getting married but also their family and friends. You may have found the perfect location for your wedding, but not know how to plan your wedding at the exotic location.

If you plan on completing your wedding rituals at your dream location, a destination wedding planner can help make everything possible. They can help you with everything right from creating a personal wedding website and sending announcement and invitation cards to planning all the details of food and drinks at the wedding venue. They have the talents and experience and know exactly how it’s done.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, you need an experienced professional. To help you find the best one, here’s a list of the Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Destination Wedding Planner.

1. Someone who will save your energy.

The most important reason to hire a destination wedding planner is to help you save your time, money and frustration. They must be able to consult you right away about the different destinations, hotels, resorts, and venues that are available on your special day and meet your criteria, well within your wedding budget. Essentially they must be capable of saving you countless hours looking for information around.

2. Experience.

With an increasing number of options for hotels and destination wedding venues available in today’s times, it seems easy to plan your wedding on your own. However, what actually sets a successful destination wedding planner apart is their expertise and experience working in the travel and destination wedding market with the right industry connections to make sure the most important day in your life goes as planned.

3. Disaster management plans.

You sure would not want anything to go wrong on your special day. However, as a precaution, check the backup plans that the destination wedding planner has if things do go wrong. They must be capable of dealing with natural disasters - hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic ash, fires, or the latest travel advisories - Zika, Swine Flu, state of emergency, etc., and have safe plans to move whole groups to a different hotel or destination.  

4. Add on services.

Make sure that the destination wedding planner is not just a jack of all trades, but a one-stop shop for destination weddings, with all its different layers. They should not only provide you with recommendations for the travel aspect but also, off-site wedding venues, excursions and activities, invitations, unique ideas, photographers and much more.

5. Knowledge.

Last but not least is the knowledge your destination wedding planner possesses. They must continuously be educating, upgrading their knowledge and skills, through educational programs, certifications and most importantly visiting the places they sell so that they can see firsthand what you and your guests are going to see and experience.

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