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When Something Goes Wrong.
Here at we don’t like to dwell on the negative especially when you’re planning a celebration. However, the reality is that sometimes things don’t always go as planned and being prepared is one of the best ways of dealing with these kinds of situations. Over the past year we have seen some major tour operators in the travel industry go out of business, a global pandemic, hurricanes and tropical storms that have affected travel plans. What happens to your carefully made arrangements when something like this happens?
We spoke with Pauline Blacoe of a destination wedding specialist who has handled hundreds destination weddings. This past year she had several weddings booked to Mexico during the H1N1 epidemic. 
“One particular group that I had that was affected by the cancellation of flights between Canada and Mexico during the H1N1 epidemic, I had been corresponding with the bride almost hourly and had advised her to choose another destination even before the actual cancelation came through the media.”
I had to work quickly before availability for other destinations was gone, I had the whole group re-booked (on newly added flights to Jamaica) before she even woke up on the day all the cancellations came through.
This isn't just a vacation for you, It is your wedding! This is one of the most important days in your life ... not just a vacation. 
Pauline Blacoe of
Tips from Pauline;
  • Travel Insurance which is an absolute necessity, not just Trip Cancellation/Interruption, the whole thing, Deluxe insurance (medical, cancellation/interruption, baggage and personal effects, and flight accident) … no one should ever travel without it, even if they think they have out of country coverage through their employer or credit card. At we offer RBC Insurance and it’s “No Out Of Pocket” expense, that’s a biggie!! If you do have it through your work, chances are it’s only 75-80%, and you usually have to pay for the incident first and then claim it when you return from your trip.
  •  Make sure you are working with an agent who is available at all times; some agencies/agents only work regular business hours and may not be available when you need them most.        
  • If booking with an agency, it's recommended that they are affiliated with a consumer protection organization such as in Canada; TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario) or TAF (Travel Assurance Fund in British Columbia). Check with your local state/province for similar organizations. 
  • Ask if a specific supplier offers hurricane insurance and what it entails.
  • Work with a Destination Wedding Specialist, not just a regular travel agent. For instance, Pauline has more knowledge of the resorts policies and knows many different wedding coordinators at top resorts.
Make sure you make your destination wedding arrangements with a travel agent experienced with group and/or wedding bookings and encourage all guests to take full insurance.
Although we all hope for sunshine on the big day, there are times when Mother Nature can ruin our plans. Fortunately, some hotels and tour operators offer special coverage. Look for Hurricane Guarantees or programs like Canadian tour operator Signature Vacations "Safety First".
Signature Vacations Safety First* (click to view full information and conditions)
 SuperClubs not only offers a hurricane guarantee but also a SuperClubs Sunshine guarantee* at most of their resorts. (Click below to view full terms and conditions)
Needless to say that planning a wedding isn’t always easy. There are many things to consider and arrangements to be made, but if prepared, things should run smoothly for a true joyous occasion. If by chance something doesn’t go as planned, it’s nice to know that you have chosen the right agent, planner, hotel and vendors to get get things back on track for that special day.
At we truly believe that working with quality Vendors, Travel Agents, Hoteliers and Specialists can make all the difference in your overall experience, especially when something goes wrong. We make the commitment to you to have only such products and services offered on our site.


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Benefits of a Combined Wedding & Honeymoon

Did you know that honeymoons typically account for 14% of the total wedding budget?  By combining your wedding and honeymoon you can save money!

  •      A destination wedding/honeymoon eliminates the need to scout and research two separate locations.
  •     No need to hire both a wedding consultant and a travel agent.  Your travel agent can arrange all of your details and put you in touch with the hotel’s wedding "co-ordinator" to plan all of your requests for the big day.
  • 2 in 1 options allow you to have your wedding in one destination and your honeymoon in another.  So not only do you save money, but you see two wonderful destinations.



Travel Planning Check List

 Travel Planning Check List

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